Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the Freakzz Show.
Get ready to embark on the freakiest minigame fun-fest in Web 3. Have a blast with adrenaline-boosting, quickfire games. Designed to be fun, fast and competitive. Take on your friends and family for an over-the-top tournament.


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Blast it out like never before in this explosive frenzy to be the last one standing!
Freaky bombers is transitioning from 2D to 3D. Discover a unique online battle arena where players must attempt to eliminate all rivals to win the game. Starting from a corner, players will attack their opponents using bombs as their weapon and unique spells. Each DNA has its own special spell, choose wisely.

Freakzz in the city

Destroy everything in sight!
Freakzz are in a busy city, full of skyscrapers. The aim of the game is to climb up the buildings’ edges, break the windows into pieces The player who creates the most chaos wins.

Building on fire

Let's go downtown, the city is on fire.
A fire has just started in a building, and all tenants are trying to escape from the flames.
People are throwing their valuables out of the window and jumping out of the burning building.
Your job is to steal their valuables and let the people fall down to hit the ground. Yes you’ve read it correctly, but what more did you expect from the mischievous Freakzz? Are you going to be the player who steals the most valuables!!!?

Skate Balls!

There's only one spot for a rebellious clan…
And that’s for the Freakzz, not for a bunch of skaters. The aim is to steal the skaters’ skateboards before they finish going down the ramp. Two Freakzz are placed on the top of the set of stairs and two are at the bottom. The player who steals the most skateboards wins the game.

Profanity outburst

Here lies… the most valuable treasures out there.
It is an old tradition amongst the rich to leave their fortune to their family... or to their dog! But some douchebags take everything with them in their tomb... We can't let that happen. Being an undertaker is the worst sideline, especially when you lose your Ledger inside a coffin that's been buried!!! Time to find it back before the other Freakzz.
On your marks, get set, DIG!!!


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