Freakzz is a Play And Earn game with an NFT collection of 5000 zombies, aliens, ghosts, and vampires on the Ethereum blockchain. The game aims to revive the essence of a classic vintage videogame into Web3. Accessible to all, on browsers, players choose their creature to attack their opponents using bombs & unique spells. To win this fun explosive frenzy, players fight to be the last one standing!

Freakzz is an NFT collection of 5000 ghosts, aliens, zombies and vampires.

Holding a Freakzz NFT will grant you access to the full version of the game which includes direct access to the Play And Earn feature. You will also be able to participate in tournaments against other players and earn Stablecoin tokens.

Yes, our game is available to all on browsers. However you need to own a Freakzz NFT to enter the Play And Earn version.

The game economy revolves around Stablecoin tokens.

Keep an eye out as it will be announced soon on our Twitter account. https://twitter.com/freakzz_nft

The mint button will appear on our official and only website https://freakzz.xyz/ Any other websites offering Freakzz NFTs is a scam, beware!

Yes, 24 hours after the mint.

The Freakzz collection has 4 different DNAs. Each species has unique traits, personality and also their own specific rarity percentage:

  • 40% Zombies
  • 30% Vampires
  • 20% Aliens
  • 10% Ghosts
  • And 9 Legendaries

This is the only official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/freakzz and we do not have any Telegram channel.

Owners of Freakzz have full commercial art rights for the Freakzz they own.

Royalties are used to finance our beloved team, our office and servers for the game.

Yes, all of our upcoming projects and updates can be found here : ROADMAP

The Freakzz demo is available on our website for free. Try it now.

The longer you stake your Freak, the more rewards you’ll accumulate. We want to reward community members who are 💎🤲. We’ll be announcing specific rewards and reward tiers in the near future.

A staked Freakzz cannot be transferred by the usual functions. This means that while technically you can list your piece, an attempt to purchase via OpenSea would fail (and MetaMask would warn the purchaser before they attempt and spend gas).

Yes, we have built a special function allowing this to happen which will be accessible via the website. The intent is to allow holders to move their Freakzz between their own accounts, e.g. if they compromise their wallet via a rogue signature. This function will not be compatible with swap or sale platforms.


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