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Accessible to all, on browser, Freakzz is a Play And Earn matchmaking game which includes an NFT collection of 5000 aliens, zombies, vampires & ghosts on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection was designed by top-notch digital artists with experience working on Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, House of the Dragon.

Freakzz’s online battle game revives 90’s retro videogames all while giving it a modern twist.


Discover a unique online battle arena where players must attempt to eliminate all rivals to win the game. Starting from a corner, players will attack their opponents using bombs as their weapon and unique spells.

Each species has its own special spell, choose wisely.

Blast it out like never before in this explosive frenzy to be the last one standing!

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Freaky Pass
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The Freakzz are humanoid looking creatures divided into four species. These small yet chaotic creatures have the uncontrollable desire to destroy everything they see.

Will you have what it takes to defeat them all?

The hunger of the undead


QUALITY: RESILIENCE & STRENGTH. As their brains no longer register pain, zombies use their full strength to eliminate their opponents.
A real blood bath


QUALITY: SPEED. Superhuman speed.Vampires will easily catch and overpower their prey.
The megamind designed to kill


QUALITY: INTELLIGENCE & STRATEGY. Extremely intelligent beings, aliens will use carefully planned strategies to blast out enemies.
Soul-sucking fiend


QUALITY: Enhanced senses and manipulation. Created in the darkness, ghosts are unpredictable due to their heightened senses & are very resistant to pain.
We are building a kick-ass Play And Earn game to revive our favourite videogames growing up. The demo is just a glimpse on what’s to come. Be ready for an explosive battle game full of fun and adrenaline.
01Multiplayer 2D demo
We are building a kick-ass P&E MOBA to revive your teenage years. Our demo, Freaky Bombers, will give you a glimpse on what's to come.
02Freaky Pass
The holder of a Freaky Pass will become a partner of the whole Freakzz project and ecosystem.
03Genesis Collection Mint
Your Freak is your avatar and playable character inside our game. The launch of the 5000 Freakzz is only the beginning.
04Stake, Rent & Earn
Freaky chests airdrops will be coming your way if you dare stake long enough. Renting provides opportunities for both owners and renters to generate revenue.
05Ad revenue
Freakzz created a new model, never seen before on the market where 30% of the advertising revenue will be shared between all our NFT holders.
06Minigames Collection
Access the explosive, adrenaline-boosting, quickfire games. Designed to be fun, fast and competitive.

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The team

Alex Huertas

Alex Huertas, the CEO of Freakzz, is a Spanish entrepreneur from Barcelona who created an eyewear brand called Northweek. His company expanded so quickly that it was later bought by the successful market leader, Hawkers. Due to this incredible milestone at a young age, he was featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018. Alex recently developed a strong interest in the ever-growing realm of blockchain. His wish was to reignite his favourite videogame as a teenager all while giving it a twist of modernity.

Jorge Branger
Jorge Branger is a young entrepreneur, marketer, Linkedin number 1 in Spain and digital strategist, passionate about marketing and new ways of doing business. He is the founder of two digital marketing companies (adding +25 people as a team).
Alex Bascunana
Alex is an IT engineer who several years ago became interested in blockchain technology and the crypto industry, because of the investment opportunity it offers and the technological advancement it represents. He has built successful cryptocurrency communities and academies and is the CoFounder and CTIO of the company Smart Crypto.
London-based Digital Artist from Florence, Italy
Leonardo Viti
London-based digital artist from Florence, Italy – Leonardo has been working for 11 years in the entertainment industry for clients like Disney, Lucas Arts, Netflix, Marvel, etc. With the strong influence of classical sculpture, pop culture, and his background in animation, Leonardo's art tries to bring something new to the table.
Belgian Digital Artist living in London
Anthony Sieben

Belgian digital artist living in London – Anthony has been working in the VFX industry for more than 8 years. During that time, he participated in numerous big projects such as Game of Thrones, Dumbo, Godzilla, Aquaman, Eternals, and most recently the new Jurassic World, and the ABBA voyage tour concerts.

German Digital Artist residing in Frankfurt
Tom Herzig

German digital artist residing in Frankfurt – Tom has been working in the VFX industry for more than 6 years. As a generalist and Asset Lead he participated on shows such as Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, House of the Dragon and many more.

Rest of the team
Web design, Project Manager
Motion designer
Unity developer
Environment artist
Motion artist
Eduardo Marta Damians
Design & Community manager coordinator
2d artist


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